domingo, dezembro 27, 2009

Os vídeo-clipes que fizeram a década 1

Como qualquer blogue que se preze tem de ter uma lista dos melhores qualquer coisa, como se o mundo se importasse minimamente, eis aqui a lista dos vídeo-clipes ("vídeos musicais" na linguagem de hoje em dia) que fizeram a década.

Um por dia, tirando os dias em que me esquecer / não me apetecer / tiver a roupa ao lume.

E ei-los, os White Stripes, com "Fell in Love With a Girl", do realizador Michel Gondry.

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  1. There there luv. I know this time of year is always hard for you, you had more trouble than me adjusting to Christmas dinner served on real plates rather than those lovely compartmentalized metal things we got in prison that kept the gravy all separate from the peas. And every year those year-end lists with not a sight or mention of our own genius work. But we decided, that precious things must be kept away from mere mortals. And the best way to do that, is not to dirty it by releasing it. So we have to watch those losers Animal Collective sweep all the awards that by rights we know are ours. But what is "good" anyway? Stuff that Pitchfork likes? Bah! Voted for by readers of Drowned In Sound? Double pah! Music that actually has people listening to it? Don't be daft, really good music like ours is too good for actual real people to like. Our music can only really, fully be appreciated by specially programmed machines.

    I always believed in our work. The swannee whistle kazoo orchestra was pure brilliance. So was that idea about differently tuned elephant droppings. One of these days, the common populace will catch up, I promise you. Until then, we suffer under the tyranny of White Stripes.