sexta-feira, maio 11, 2007

Para distrair um bocado das notícias da pequenita Madeleine

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"Missing white woman syndrome"

Excertos de nota:

."Missing white woman syndrome (MWWS), also known as missing pretty girl syndrome, is a term coined by a number of media figures (...)"

."There is a perception among the American public that excessive news coverage is devoted to specific missing or murdered caucasian or "white" women and girls, especially blondes, while cases involving missing men, non-caucasian women, older or unattractive caucasian women, or other news stories receive disproportionately less airtime."

."Those involved in the investigation of the case (detectives, prosecutors, etc.) are invited onto the shows and asked pointed and accusatory questions suggesting that they are incompetent or negligent.

."As a story gains popularity, tabloid news outlets often pick up on it, many times leading to questionable or unofficial information being reported as hard news. Media critics suggest that this speculation often leads to a false consensus effect."

."The equation went: MinutesofCoverage = FamilyIncome * (AbducteeCuteness / SkinColor)2 + LengthofAbduction * MediaSavvyofGrievingParents3"

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